Commercial Asbestos Surveys

Location and Management Survey

Basic / Standard sampling, identification and assessment survey. Small samples of all materials that are likely to contain asbestos are taken in a non-destructive manner from all reasonably accessible areas. Samples are sent to accredited scientific laboratories for testing and listed in an Asbestos Register. The sample results are used to produce a report on the asbestos content and recommendations on planning the future management of any asbestos found.

Pre-Refurbishment / Demolition Survey

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, a report on a survey for asbestos must be included within the Health and Safety Plan of all major works. Prior to demolition or major refurbishment, carrying out a professional intrusive survey for asbestos is the recognised route to generating the appropriate information. A Pre-Demolition or Major Refurbishment Survey is a full access, sampling and identification survey that will include intrusion into sealed voids, under floors, in ducts and enclosed spaces and all accessible areas. The results are used to produce a report identifying all asbestos in a building and recommendations for removal. Besides a report, deliverables include an Asbestos Register but the main report can also be tailored to include Risk Assessments, Plans of Work, Removals Plans and Method Statements.