The Client is provided with the following for all Surveys:

  • Full visual (non-intrusive) inspection (with digital photographs of key points) of all accessible areas for the presence of suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).
  • Identification of all locations with suspected ACMs and marking with sample point labels.
  • Collection of small samples of material (non-destructive) for analysis, then their documentation in a List of Samples Collected.
  • Preliminary report on findings (by telephone or e-mail).
  • Analysis of Laboratory Report on samples tested.
  • Interim Report on Lab Analysis (by telephone or e-mail).
  • Full report detailing the background and execution of the survey, survey point list and locations annotated on site plans.
  • Compilation of positive ACM findings into an Asbestos Register.
  • Material and Priority Risk Assessments on positive findings and the production of Asbestos Safety Data Sheets with Recommendations.
  • Draft proposals for Asbestos Management Plan.


Type 1 Survey

No samples are taken.

Type 3 Survey

As above but NOT including ASL’s recommendations for the management of the ACMs. Additional services for Type 3 surveys could also include assisting the Client with the selection of a suitable and HSE Licensed Asbestos Contractor, bid management and contract preparation and the Project Management of related on-going work.


All documentation delivered under the terms of the contract with the Client is the property of the Client and can be delivered in the format of the Clients choice.